26th December 2012

Ryman League South Division
Ramsgate 1 v Maidstone United 0
Gate :  £8
Atten : 406 (nearly three times the normal gate)

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Feedback and kind words from Ramsgate Forum 

Ground: 8/10 lovely little ground, nesttled in the back streets of Thanet. Was made to feel very welcome by everyone (Take note Margate FC). From John the safety officer, chaps on the turnstiles, Mickey in the shop, Director who tried to buy a pin badge on the cheap !! all decent people.
The ground had its quirky side ... The clubhouse, changing room and toilets were all outside the turnstiles ! Overall a great attitude and enthusiasm by all concerned. I recommend a visit to Southwood Stadium for any football lover.

Match Enjoyment : 7/10 - Hats off to the players and ref for playing in monsoon conditions. Maidstone's warm up was a decent one they looked the 'real deal' but in the end were 'all fur coat and no knickers' as the Rams deserved the 95th minute penalty winner. If anything out of sheer persistence for their second half performance. The natives showed their 'feelings' in a very passionate way. I was resigned to a 0-0 game my first in ages, until i spoke with John the safety guy to thank him but was disappointed there were no goals ... as i turned around to him he pointed and said "ive got one for you" to my delight Ramsgate had just been given a penalty, which they scored. You see at Ramsgate FC they even arrange goals on demand , how decent is that ?


  1. Thank you for your kind words about our club,we are pleased that you enjoyed your time at Ramsgate FC, and your welcome anytime.

    1. Thank you very much to everyone at Ramsgate FC who made the day,despite the poor weather a memorable one.
      I will definately return to watch you get promoted !

  2. Hi, As a community club that runs over 25 teams, under6/7 through to the 1stteam and a ladies team.

    Everyone is most welcome to our family orientated club (whatever the weather)


    RFC Safety Officer

    1. John, You do a sterling job down there.
      and may all your enthusiasm , hard work and togetherness be rewarded.

  3. You forgot to mention the alleged racist chanting at this game. Margate fan

    1. I am aware of the incident you are referring to. However when the rep from Ramsgate or Maidstone came over to the Ramsgate fans early in the 2nd half his 'speech' was immediately dismissed as ridiculas by the home fans.Although i did hear that in the first half the Maidstone goalie was called a 'Donkey'and he reported hearing it as 'monkey' hence the 'speech'.
      Funny how all Margate fans are called 'Anonymous' !