Tuesday 9th November  -

Northern Premier League - North Division
Burscough 0 v Colwyn Bay 0
Gate : £8
Atten: 146
Food: Delicious Peppered Steak Pie with Peas and Gravy , yummy 8/10
Ground: 8/10 I liked this ground very much lots of charm - best to go for a day match
Match Enjoyment: Awful game , worst of the season so far 1/10

Pics of Burscough's Ground (38)


  1. Bay fan in exile.

    Totally agree on the ground & the game, was pish!

    Shout out to Northern Fail, meaning my train to Manchester (where I live) was AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE :(

  2. lost count of the mistakes from both sides - i honestly cant decide which team was worse !
    How bay missed that chance from 2 inches i will never know.90 mins of huff and puff on a cold night night. The only positive was the pie !