AFC Hornchurch

Tuesday 3rd August - Essex Senior Cup Final
AFC Hornchurch 1 v Colchester 2
Attendance:  800   Admission: £10 (£4 too much)
Ground: Not my favourite as had running track around the pitch. Atmosphere not brilliant as too far away from pitch. 3/10
Conditions: Fine but got chilly later on
Food/Drink:  I had a Cheeseburger & Onions with relish £3 which was a bit dry. Coffee £1 nice and strong with a  Mars bar to dunk  60p

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After a few days with bad toothache i was pottering around in the garden collection some leaves this afternoon and after missing a match last weekend my withdrawal symptoms were kicking in. So i decided to drive to see the Essex Cup Final at Hornchurch near Upminster.
Arriving in East London
The club's history dates back to 1923 when the team were formed as ‘Upminster Wanderers’. The home ground was the local recreation park in Upminster. The club were quickly elected to the Romford League and won the Second Division Championship in their first season.The game tonight was taking place as a result of a waterlogged pitch at the end of last season.

After a smooth Journey i arrived in plenty of time and was warmly welcomed by  car park attendent. As they were expecting a decent crowd tonight parking by the ground was just for VIP guests which i was not one of. I was directed to a nearby field, too far away for my liking. I left the ground and the old boy on the gate said i could park in front of his house , "where was that"? i asked . As he pointed he said "just there" ! ... it was literally 20 yards away ! Perfect and this was better than VIP !.

The ground itself is shared with an athletics club and therefor has a running track around the pitch. I am not a lover of grounds like this as it can have an effect on the atmosphere, which later my thoughts were confirmed.

The Clubhouse was one of the best i have  seen at a Ryman Ground, very spacious with great views of the pitch. Photos Everywhere even on the toilet doors ! Maldini Italian World Cup Winner was from the Hornchurch Youth Teams "according" to the bar steward !

I was talking to a guy who had 700 ground ticks and whilst i was talking to him this other chap who he knew came over and smiled at me - nice ... but he had no teeth ! not a single one ! It put me off my cheeseburger !

The game started and the first half was very even with only one real chance to Colchester. A deflected header was well saved by the Urchins Keeper. H-T 0-0

Second half the home side started well and after eight minutes scored a great little goal , the tricky left winger , for once lost his marker then delivered a great cross and bang in the Onion Bag it went !.
From then on it was all Colchester and two quick goals sealed the victory 2-1.

I must admit this hasn't been my favourite ground this season and the atmosphere was not great and the fact that fewer away fans came than expected didn't help.Its another ground ticked off and probably one i wouldn't return to but at least it was a night out !

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