Bacup Borough

Wednesday 22nd Sept - FA Vase 2nd Qualifying Round Replay 
Bacup Borough 3 v Padiham 1 (After Extra Time)
Attendance: 80  Admission: £6
Ground :  Old scenic ground set amongst the Lancashire Penine countryside - a must tick ! 10/10
Food/Drink: Delicious home made Pie and i had seconds and was even tempted for thirds !! (secret recipe they told me !) Peas and Gravy £2 10/10
Conditions :Wet, slippery and rain storms

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A visit to Bacup had long been on my 'must tick' list and reading fellow hopper 'Where's the Tea Hut' report it moved up into my top three on grounds i must visit at the earliest opportunity if anything to get it out of my system. It was a ground that intrigued me because every time i mentioned it to someone they just smiled as if to say "are you mad".The more people who said that the more i wanted to visit this Lancashire Town.
It was also a "Black Pudding Derby"match and also FA Vase Replay ... who could resist that !.
As i drove to the ground it started to rain very hard and in my mind i kept hearing the advice i had been given before "if it rains , call them up !" , the problem was i was only 7 miles away so had no intentions of turning back and going to Glossop the only other game on tonight. On my arrival i was welcomed by a 5 year old boy with a thick Lancashire accent - he was the first one at the ground. A few minutes later the ground was unlocked. After walking round the ground i was desperate to take my photos before dark.
My fav pic of Bacup's Ground

My walk around confirmed what a gem of a ground this was but it was obvious it had witnessed better times. I later learnt the team manager did nearly everything including all the handy work  and the keeping the pitch in order. I was made very welcome by committee members , all very proud of their little club. Even the 5 year old i met on arrival was proud of 'his' team.
I loved the rickety old stands set with a beautiful backdrop of the Lancashire countryside - peaceful in every way. After taking my photos i spoke with the locals who encouraged me to try their "award winning pie" which can be obtained in the beautifully named "Martin Peters Bar" - no not him of '66 ! but the son of the manager !! The bar from the outside looked  not so good and uninviting but once inside was spacious and vibrant with the walls full of history from years gone by.

Inside the Martin Peters Bar

The Homemade Pie and Peas was delicious, the best so far this season, you could tell it was homemade, when i asked whats inside the reply came "its a secret"  - so much was it good i went back for seconds !

The game was only taking place due to a 93rd minute equaliser for Padiham on saturday, according to the Bacup supporters was unfair.
The game started in light rain and as early as the 2nd minute i saw the miss (or double miss of the season). The Bacup forward went round the goalie had and open goal and hit the bar ! it rebounded back to him , still with an open goal he second shot hit the post !!! and rebounded to a Padiham player. Bacup scored a 28th minute penalty and then a minute late the Bacup bench was barking out oders to their left back - he told them to f*** off and said "if you can find someone better do so"  - less than 30 seconds later he was substituted and whilst coming off took off his shirt and threw it to the ground in disgust ... " and don't bother turning up for training next week" came the reply from the bench as he went down the tunnel. It was so funny !
Bacup left back being subbed vid

The rest of the match was uneventful until the 96th Minute , Padiham had been pressing for the last 5 minutes and then they had a corner , the goalie went up and seconds later in the pouring rain he toe poked an equaliser through a crowded box to send the game into extra time - and unwanted extra time to be honest, it was wet, dark, late, cold, and long journey ahead  AND THEN ..... i could hear screams of delight from behind me , it was only the 5 year old boy celebrating - tow questions entered my head , why was he celebrating an opponents goal and more importantly why wasn't he tucked up in bed ?  he reliably informed me his bed time was 10pm and no earlier ! i was firmly put in my place.
Extra time was completed in the pouring rain and Bacup scored 2 goals to end up 3-1 winners.
My adventure in Bacup had come to an end , and what an enjoyable adventure it had been.
But rest assured i will be back ! this was a gritty northen ground full of charm in every way - quite simply outstanding !


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