Dover Athletic

Tuesday 17th August - Conf South

Dover Athletic 2 v Welling United 2
Attendance:  1097  
Admission: £12
Ground: 8/10 Located at the top of a steep hill, set amongst lots of greenery with views over Dover
Conditions: 6/10 Light rain all game
Food/Drink:Cheese burger & onions £2.90  Coffee £1

Photos of Dover's ground (39)

 Visiting The Crabble home of Dover Athletic had long been on my 'grounds to do list' for a couple of seasons ever since they 'ran away' with the Rymans league. In hindsight i should of gone last season when they were giving free entry to anyone for a home match when they had three games at home in 6 days. The crowd that evening was 2,700 ! for a non league run of the mill match not a bad crowd !.
 According to 'Linda' (my sat nav !)i had arrived at my destination but i couldnt see the ground and not even the floodlights most strange ! When i quizzed a local as to where the ground was he pointed up a steep hill behind the trees. Yes the Crabble was hiding amongst lots of greenery at the top of a hill giving us lovely views all over Dover .

I arrived earlier than usual and took advantage of the walking around this lovely empty ground followed by .a drink in the most modern sports bar and biggest sky sport screens i had ever seen. The ground smelt of better days.

The home side started much the better and should of been several goals up after half an hour it was only 1-0.
Welling who are struggling off the pitch came back into it via the sloppy play from Dover  H-T 1-1
The 'Wings' started the second half better and went into a 2-1 lead and the home supporters were getting more restless as their team couldn't muster a single shot on Wellings goal until the equaliser in the 80th minute to make it 2-2 - the game ended with neither team on top and a draw was a fair result. But Dover will be the more disappointed of the two teams.


  1. Thats one hell of an obstructed view OB! I dont think that roof will fall down in a hurry? Sounds a decent setting though.

  2. Thanks Krugg , yes it was a lovely setting , very peaceful with great views.Well worht a visit when you are down south or on your way to France !