Stalybridge Celtic

 Tuesday 24th August - Conf North

Stalybridge 1 v Vauxhall 4
Attendance: 390  
Admission: £10
Ground : 8/10 Nice surroundings
Food/Drink: Coffee £1 - Choc bar 70p
Conditions : Windy wet and cold

Bower Fold , home of Stalybridge Celtic had always been high up on my list of grounds to visit. I had actually passed the chance over to go there on more than one occasion, but finally decided tonight was the night.
I met a nice chap outside the ground a die hard Celtic fan and season ticket holder Andrew he had arrived on his moped from Huddesfield. He was expecting a win tonight and wasn't settling for anything less.

Whilst waiting to go in the ground i noticed a waft of indian cuisine passing under my nose and being so hungry i couldn't pass this opportunity for some korma, and a side order of sag aloo - but i was later to find out i should of resisted the temptation as it proved very disappointing.
Celtic are just coming of a bad result at Hinckley from being 2-0 up to within a few minutes 5-2 down so they were determined to bag the three points tonight against Vauxhall Motors from Merseyside.
The fist 45 mins were a drab affair and then in injury time Celtic got a penalty which was saved , then less than a minute later were awarded another penalty , they scored but it had to be retaken , then they scored again so at H-T it was 1-0 .
Within three minutes of the restart it was 1-1 a cruelly deflected goal from a Vauxhall attack and  from then on it was all Vauxhall three times they caught Celtic on the counter attack and scored and they could of had a couple more to be honest. Final Score - 1-4


  1. Celtic fan from Huddersfield met you taking pictures at ground. Had a long chat all the best
    to you. Andrew

  2. Hi Andrew , was good to meet you at Celtic. I will post more comments and pics very soon.

  3. I reckon this is one of the best grounds around OB.

  4. Krugg , i can understand why but i enjoyed Mossley more for reasons i am unable to explain - if that makes sense !

  5. Hi Celtic fan from Huddersfield poor performance
    against Vauxhall Motors I didn't expect that. Hopefully a better performance against Harrogate Town Bank Holliday Monday.

  6. Nice pictuers TOB. Like you, I've put off going here a few times, but it looks good, I'll have to make an effort and go.

  7. Many thanks Reynard for your kind comments.It is worth the effort to go and i am sure you will have a good time - just avoid the indian food next door !

  8. Clever ploy, sticking a curry house next to a football ground. I've been meaning to go here ever since I read about the pub they have at the railway station.

    I just hope the beer's better than the food.

  9. Celtic fan from Huddersfield reply to Michael the pub next to the ground is expensive you will get cheaper beer at the Celtic social club. the Curry House builing belongs to Celtic and they rent it out to the Indians.

  10. old front cover needs changing Stalybridge Celtic Vauxhall Motors was in August