Monday 8th Novemeber - Conf North
Droylsden 2 v AFC Telford 4
Entrance : £10
Gate: 391
Ground: Cracking little ground 8/10
Food /Drink: Pie and Chips £3 - 2nd worst pie of this season 2/10
Conditions: Cold windy and wet 
Match Enjoyment: 7/10 Telford were impressive tonight. Droylsden awful first half but a bit better second half

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  1. My pie was rubbish when I went there last season.

    Good grub is getting harder to find?

  2. Mine also had a thumb print on i think !
    It must be a Tameside thing because my worst was from around the corner at Curzon Ashton.

    You are correct good fresh food is hard to find - clubs just want quick, convenient and cheap with big margins