Hastings United

An FA Cup Cracker

Thursday  13th December 2012
Hastings United 1 v Harrogate Town 1
(Hastings United win 5-4 on penalties)

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FA Cup 2nd Round Replay
Gate: £10
Atten:  4028 - jam packed full house
Ground: The Pilot Field is a decent ground for the level the club plays at. The pitch looked superb and would compliment leagues higher.Much improved the last few seasons.
Last night the good old days returned. Queues were formed outside the gates 300 yards and down the steep hill ,long nearly two hours before the kick off. The place was rocking ! Great atmosphere, not sure the last time it was bettered.
The present-day team known as Hastings United Football Club was founded in 1894 as Rock-a-Nore and the ground sits adjacent to the now defunt St Leonards. I heard a story that they hold a record for the shortest journey to a derby match. According to the stories the St Leonards team got on the team coach at their ground and hopped off at The Pilot Field just 15 seconds and 30 yards later !
You needed a shoe horn to cram into the ground but it was definately worth the effort. 7/10

Hastings defence were like rock

Match Enjoyment:
  9/10 The atmosphere was excellent with the worlds press and TV companies in town the stakes were high. The first half was a bit flat but after the early second half goal for Hastings the game exploded. Harrogate couldnt break down the solid Hastings defence the were rock solid ..
The Yorkshire men applied wave after wave (if you pardon the pun !) to the seaside hosts and there only souvenir was some Hastings Rock !! and then as the boards and crowd noise went up Harrogate grabbed a corner and snatched a last gasp equaliser ..... they basically "kicked sand" in the Hastings faces and this was no longer a Seaside Special ! They say that life's a beach ! Had they taken the "Sting" out of Hastings ???

It was now extra time Hastings players were cramping up off their feet. Harrogate must win now surely ? ... but no,  Hastings Player manager and his peers or should that be Piers !! (if you pardon the pun !) battled back and were on top and during the extra time 4 players in blue went down with signs of cramp.
The tension for the penalties was unbearable . The place erupted when Harrogate missed their first spot kick. Hastings scored their first 4 and then they needed just one more to win .......
Can the Hastings player handle the tension ???   Watch what he did .. here
Harrogate licked sand in Hastings face !

Then the place went potty   .....
 Hastings score the winning penalty & celebrations !

Harrogate were down and out and their trip to the seaside was a sad one , they didnt even get the T-Shirt of this seaside special .
This was Hastings biggest night in their history so far ... it was now very late into the night as i reached my car ... 11.06pm to be exact or in other words 10 66 .....for some reason that seems to ring a bell in these parts !
they didnt even get the T Shirt !

What a night !!


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