26th December 2012
Margate v Cray Wanderers

Ryman Premier League

Gate :  Zero + 3 security guards  MINUS 10/10
Atten : hopefully low - there was no way i was going to part with a single penny for these people.
Ground : MINUS 10 out of 10 Made to feel very unwelcome as a result of the oppressive behaviour shown by staff. Ground itself is very ordinary and bland.
Match Enjoyment : Due to the 'sour taste' left in my mouth by the staff i lost interest in the place MINUS 10 out of 10

There were little positives here at Margate .

for what its worth here are some photos i did get ! (26)

Reaction from the Ramsgate Forum

Where do i start ? ......
after a long journey and a few cancelled games i was looking forward to visiting Margate's ground and to watch the league leaders playing. Infact they had been on my radar for a couple of years.
I usually arrive early to take photos of the ground whilst it is still empty, park up, then go into town for some brunch before returning in good time to go to the bar/lounge, pay my gate money and watch the game etc

Well today i experienced a welcome that i have never had before. It was so cold and disgraceful it was beyond words. When i asked the lady staff member at the main gate as to could i nip in for ten minutes to take some photos of the ground before the crowd arrives.
"oh dear , i must get some security guards then" she answered.
"Security ?" i asked in a shocked state.
"oh yes they must watch what you do, and escort you round and follow you"
I was speechless - how puerile can a person/club get ?

Ten minutes later a beefy security guy appeared (decent chap actually) and he was as embarassed as i was. I then went inside passed through a stand with seats and chasing after me was some old codger demanding a £1 supplement . It was only 12.30 and i was not staying or sitting !
The a SECOND security guy ran out to join his buddy..... then a THIRD one appeared demanding £10 !!! The first one then asked "how long will you be?" (meaning hurry up !).

I actually felt like an escaped convict, their behaviour was appauling. The worst i have ever experienced at a Non League Ground and i must have been to around 400-500 over the years.

At this point i decided ..... Bollocks !!!! no way am i watching a match here because they had left a very sour taste in my mouth. Instead i went of to Ramsgate v Maidstone where i received a superb welcome (see my report from there for full details).

Well congratulations MARGATE FC you certainly  'marred' my day (if you pardon the pun).
In the end they lost the match and in the end they lost me and hopefully they have lost many more ground hoppers like me. .... and then they wonder why their crowds are getting lower !!!!!



  1. You should have called the wingers TOTS , The Other Thanet Side. come on Ramsgate

  2. I know you spoke to Mr Egan, but the abuse your getting on the margate fc could lead you to take libel action, never have i read a club, slagging off with such hatred a football fan, hang your heads in shame margate your a disgrace to non league football.

  3. Thank you for your support and its all because i just told the truth ....

    cometh the moment ... cometh the man

  4. oh no. a bad review on a website no one ever reads unless its about their own club... how will they come back from this PR nightmare???

    1. Margit will move on .... but only when they adopt a decent attitude. I have decided to show the type of people who have left negative comments.I have others but they are just full of bile, must be something in the Thanet air (except ramsgate) The thing is they all have the same name .... 'Anonymous'