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A superb site all about the history of  Denaby Utd  and the community

My photos from my visit in Dec12

Main stand at Tickhill Square

..."Are you with me" ?

I first learnt about this intersting history some time ago whilst reading Kerry Miller's excellent History of NL Grounds book. Infact since then i have always had the urge to visit and find out more. That day arrived last week and i am pleased that i made the effort.
As i climbed out of the car i could smell history in the crisp winter sunshine. I still was not sure i was in the right place where all the problems were hotly disputed all those year ago. As i stretched my legs an  elderly gentleman passed me .. " excuse me, can you tell me anything abouth the football club which was one here?" ... he raised his head to look at me and with a warm smile , whilst his nose was dripping ... answered... " what do you want to know ?" .
For me that was a green light to bombard him with every question i had in the same sentence. He looked at me with a fresh arrival of nose-drip and said in his thick south yorkshire twang " have you time for a cup of tea? " ...."because if you have , come back to mine and i will tell you everything because i was the main guy in the middle of the dispute , the chairman or peacemaker if you like ...... are you with me ?
As we made our way back to 'his' he shared a story about every property on Tickhill Square. He had lived there all his life. He showed me the house he grew up in as a lad , only 30 yards away from his 'new' home of 48 years ! As we sat in his kitchen with a cup of tea he then ran upstairs like an excited kid at christmas and returned with all his papers and spread them around the kitchen table .... are you with me? he asked again. ...."I am definately with you" i replied.
the very kitchen table

We spoke for ages and my new friend fascinated me with all his stories . Several cups of tea later he was still going strong. All the stories about the two welfare groups , the big wig who wanted to muscle in and have things run 'his way'. The squabbles with CISWO people, the community, the players, the club everyone was involved . Not forgetting the vandals and the fire to the main stand.

main stand on fire in 05

I had one final question for him. "how does all that went on , make you feel today" ? He bowed his head , looking at his interlocking fingers. Those same ones which had spent 30 years down pit as man and boy and following family generations. He shook his head gently and said ..." we all lost , everybody lost and all for the same reason.... we were all too stubbon,...... are you with me? "
I gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder before answering ... " Yes, Reg, i'm definatley with you !"
the place in Dec 2012

crowds in the 50's watching in front of the welfare building

** i wont tell all the stories Reg told me , out of respect for a fine man. Who's heart was always in the right place.


  1. There were lots of people who worked tirelessly for Denaby United without any payment and who were stabbed in the back by the Welfare. I was one.