01st April 2013

Southern League Premier
Bashley 1 Weymouth 0
Gate: £10
Atten: 304

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Considering that Bashley is just a tiny village located in the New Forest, it is remarkable that they have a team playing in the Southern League Premier.The centre of community life for the village is the Bashley Village Hall, which was built in 1946 In 1948 an additional 3.5 acres were purchased "to enhance the life of the inhabitants of Bashley," and a lease was granted to Bashley Football Club to use the grounds. I am really pleased they did ! because its a smashing little set up . But sad to say as talks of mergers and moves they seem to be on borrowed and uncertain time.

Despite all the off field turmoil the place still maintained a relaxed feel about it. Everybody who i met was very welcoming and friendly and always with a smile. The Clubhouse is excellent and the homemade food served from the kitchen was fresh and very tasty, so much so i went back for thirds !.

The ground only really has undercover stands on one side, but on a glorious spring day it was good to be out in the open. I expect once the trees are in their full foliage there is an even better and serene feel about the this part of the lovely New Forest with the pony's in the fields. All in all it felt quite therapeutic my time in Bashley and that's probably because of the surrounding nature - superb ! 7/10

Match Enjoyment: 6/10
Bashley needed to get back on track with a couple more wins to make things more comfortable for them at squeeky bum time. Weymouth had got themselves into the play off positions only to fade away the last three games with 'nil points'.
The match throughout was quick and lively with both defenses on top and ultimatly the game was won by an error. The Terras goalie fumbled the ball whilst trying to collect a cross it fell to a Bashley player who slam dunked that bad boy in the Onion Bag. I feel for their effort and desire Bash just shaded it after having the better of the second half. You could say that ..... Bash were not flash, but won the clash for the  dash to the cash ! and the fumble by the Weymouth goalie was a 'Terra-ble' 'Wey' to decide a winner.


  1. I'm going to miss my occasional visits to Bashley. New Milton's ground just doesn't have the same countryside vibe! Nice pictures, by the way.

  2. I fully agree Andrew ... I decided to avoid the earlier game at NM , but the feedback said it was a drab experience. Bashley is wonderful and serene. I loved my visit there and i hope the move is a good one ..... eventually !

  3. Nice shots Mr OB - a pleasure to meet you on Monday! Andy

    1. Mr AO , many thanks for your kind words. Hope to meet up again very soon. I have a new title for a book its going to be called 'Wembley to Wick'
      What do you think ? :)