24 April 2013

West Riding County Amateur League Premier Division
Marsden 2-2 Lepton Highlanders

Gate: No Charge 
Atten: 15 (head count) 

Ground & Match Enjoyment : 8/10

As i arrived in Fall Lane with Linda and bird the ground slowly appeared on my left above and behind some dry stone walling, typical of the area. At first glance there appears not a lot to see, but look again and you will notice there is plenty to enjoy. It all unfolded before me in the early evening spring sunshine this little diamond glistened so brightly like a precious jewel. There were no floodlights, no stands, no dugouts ... less is more.

The match itself wasn't too bad and Lepton dominated the first half playing some good football at times but were unable to create many meaningful chances. Marsden equally were unable to create a great deal but their no 11 scored a contender for goal of the season, a turn and volley into the top right hand corner from the right channel 25 yards out, an absolutely amazing finish and worth the visit in itself. This came on 39 and the half ended 1-0 Marsden. 

One strange thing happened as the ball was going out of play but for some reason the Marsden goalie charged out and kicked the ball so hard and far it went out of the ground, over the fire station and finished in the high street ! he only had to tap it a few inches to get the same result.

The second half was pretty much the same but Marsden probably had the better of the play and doubled their lead on 74, a low shot wrong footing the keeper and squirming into the goal. It looked to be game over but there had been a lot of squabbling and a couple of players down injured so a bit of injury time was to be expected. Lepton gave themselves hope on 83 when a corner was whipped in and 10 headed home from the penalty spot, 2-1 and game on?

It didn't look that way and as we entered stoppage time it looked as if it would end 2-1, what we didn't know what how much had been added on. With 4 minutes extra played the visitors snatched an equaliser, the right winger played a ball into the box and the two strikers played an accidental looking one two with 10 tapping in from 2 yards at the near post, 2-2! Lepton players danced for joy as they somehow got a draw from nowhere.

As the final whistle sounded the sun was nearly set and darkness was only minutes away. But even in darkness Fall Lane still shines, but only for those who are prepared to look behind what they first see.


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