Petersfield Town

 20th April 2013

Wessex League Division One
Petersfield Town 4  v  Stockbridge 0
Gate: £5

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Petersfield Town play their home games at Love Lane. The club was founded in 1993 after the demise of Petersfield United (founded 1889). United folded after being denied permission to switch from the Isthmian League to the Wessex League.
The club have played at Love Lane Stadium since 1948. Previously the club played at Princes Road on the land subsequently owned by Hampshire Cattle Breeders In August 2007 the town council expressed concern at the dilapidated state of the ground, describing it as "a magnet for teenage vandals" . According to locals the name Love Lane came as a result of young lovers going down there as a place of comfort out of their parents' vision whilst experiencing their first kiss. However one kiss went a bit too far and a murder was committed. We can only assume as a result of a lack of love reciprocated.

any view will do !
 As you enter the ground you can not help by noticing on the far side the dilapidated main stand guarded by by impressive and mature Oak trees in all their grandeur. On the opposite side site the main club house which is modern and welcoming. If one wanted you could relax with a beverage and sit back in the comfy lounge whilst enjoying the match. Quite a bonus on a chilly winters afternoon. 
The ground had a homely, rural feel about it. All combined with a relaxing experience and a very enjoyable place to spend a glorious spring afternoon. 6/10

main stand over looked by the mature Oak trees

 Match Enjoyment: 5/10
I was given a very friendly welcome by all who i came in to contact with. The Chairman, Chris was most helpful and was always on hand to help should the need arise.
Town were always in control and never looked in any danger . The game turned on what looked a penalty for Stockbridge whilst one down and withing a few seconds the ball was down the other end and in their net. From then on they never looked like scoring. The game was ok but lacked the thrills and spills and had an end of season feeling. But in no way did it detract from my enjoyment of an afternoon well spent down Love Lane.

There was another hopper/blogger present enjoying the glorious sunshine down Love Lane, Andrew. His excellent blog Hopping around Hampshire can be found here He writes one of my favourite blogs and long may he do so.


  1. I was there too! Were you the fellow in the blue jacket? My report and pictures will follow in a couple of days! Andy, Hopping Around Hampshire.

    1. Andrew, yes that was me ! shame you didn't say hi :)
      It was a lovely day in the sunshine.

  2. I nearly said hello, as you were obviously a fellow groundhopper, but shyness overcame me in the end (I can feel a Smiths song coming on here...). Next time! I agree with the resume of the match - it was a little one-sided, but nice day out, nevertheless.

  3. Can I just add that your photos from Saturday are excellent, having just looked through them all - they put mine to shame.

    1. Thank you very much ! you make me blush :) . For the first time in ages the Sun actually was a hinderence at times as it was in the wrong position !
      But i did the best i could. I look forward to read your report very soon.