Bury Town

30th March 2013

Ryman Premier League
Bury Town 2  
Enfield Town 1
Gate: £10
Atten: 320

Ground: 9/10
A visit to Ram Meadow had long been on my 'must do' list and my only regret is that i did not visit much earlier. The town, the club and the ground are superb and make for a very pleasant visit in every way. When you first approach the ground you arrive in a large council car park and the immediate impressions are somewhat misleading. For when you enter the ground to discover this well kept secret behind the unattractive fencing, your feeling changes immediately to one of contentment and satisfaction.

It is always a delight  to find a ground at this level of the Non League Pyramid that provides covered accommodation on all four sides. The most immediate feature of Ram Meadow is the unusual main stand, with its rather deep wooden steps-cum-seats, and sharply angled roof supported by numerous pieces of timber. From research i had imagined the main stand much bigger than how i found it.But its charm is its own, and it presents wonderful views all over Ram Meadow and beyond. Namely the vast sugar processing plant looming behind one goal and over the other, the more attractive cathedral tower and the towns roof tops.

The welcome was friendly and helpful. It also has an impressive club shop as well as an impressive lounge/bar area. A most enjoyable, well maintained venue, it will be a shame when they move.

Match Enjoyment: 8/10
I really enjoyed the match. Both teams were fully committed and produced a decent game with a sting in the tail.It would be fair to say that the Visitors from London had the better of the first half and looked dangerous and energetic with most attacks. The Rams were too narrow and they paid the price when they went one down on the half hour and clever worked goal from Enfield , they now had Hope.
But after the break Bury got on top and deservedly equalised from goal machine Sands (10) after sustained Town attacks. They then sat back as Enfield came back at them, and as time ticked on a draw was on the cards ..... until deep into injury time after a Bury corner the ball somehow trickled over the line after a bit of pinball in the box. The linesman signaled a goal as Enfield tried to play on, and he was spot on with the important decision. The Londoners looked dejected to lose right at the death, and rightly so because they gave as good as they got in this entertaining match.
Bury Town players celebrate their late, late stoppage time winner !
The Rams still have hopes of reaching the play offs, albeit faint ones. But you never know if they keep winning they may just sneek in, if other teams falter under pressure. If they do make the play offs i for one will be cheering them on !  ...... For i have had a superb day at Ram Meadow deep in the beautiful county of Suffolk .


  1. So glad you visited this ground OB. It's one of my favourites for it's central location and ample cover. Another ground that regularly gets put on the "concern" list.

    1. Richie, Ram Meadow is simply superb, its vistas and location are hard to beat. Not forgetting the friendly welcome by all. Quite simply it is a must tick !