Tuesday 4th December 2012
Tamworth v Kidderminster Harriers

Conference Premier
Gate: £14
Atten: 1031 (289 Away)
Ground: Decent setup just of the motorways. Complimented with a backdrop of a SnowDome. Good facilities and i very much like the old stand running the length of the pitch. The only downside being that as there was segregation in place i was unable to walk all the way round. 7/10
Match Enjoyment: an enjoyable game throughout, cant believe i had to wait until the 90th minute for the first goal. But Kiddy were definatley the better side and fully deserved their win. Tamworth are a small team who could struggle against the more physical sides. The tempo was excellent 7.5/10

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If truth be told i am not a big fan of the Brummie accent. I dont know why, but it tends to grate on me after a bit. Its probably the delayed side effects from watch too much Jasper Carrot and Benny from Crossroads Motel !!!

So you can imagine the horror i got when within 3 seconds of entering the ground a bottle blond girl came up to me screaming "50-50 tickets !! "in her most piercing screetch of some indescribable Scientific pitch notation ! as i am not sure what it is called when its higher than soprano - whatever it is , she had it !! I am suprised no nearby glass was shattered. Infact as it caught me so much by suprise , i jumped in fear at least two feet in reverse !
As usual i did my tour of the ground and was very happy with my choice of coming here instead of Nuneaton.
After my tour i went into the bar for a drink. Drink in hand i turned around from the bar only to find guess who screaming in my face ...... "50-50 tickets" !!  it was 'her' again and it was 'that' accent again ! Needless to say i spilt the top out of my larger top !

Kidderminster were excellent and were in full control of a very high tempo match which was most enjoyable despite the 0-0 scoreline at half time. The evening was a very cold one so a return to the bar just to keep warm was required. It was packed , so no chance of a drink etc but as i came out of the mens toilet i got tapped on the shoulder and as i turned around i heard and this time had the 'priviledge' of her breath on my face , calling out .... yes you have guessed it !!!   "50-50 tickets" !!!! in that even more distinctive accent. Then she added "woops , i think i have already asked you !"

Leg of Lamb !
The second half played out and the only winner was going to be Kidderminster, but time and luck was not on there side. Tamworth had played all there 3 subs and within seconds , Kiddy attacked and pinball machine stuffed followed in the box and a Tamworth player was very badly injured with i think a leg break. As the game restarted Kiddy had a corner and somehow after more mayhem the ball looped in the net (93rd minute). Kiddy had won it , Tamworth had lost and all because of a .....  leg of lamb ! 
Moments later the final whistle blew and Kiddy got their well deserved win. They certainly had the bigger percentage of play , which definately was not 50-50 !!!!!


  1. Good to see you're back in action again, we were getting a bit worried, Colin from Bedworth

  2. Hi Colin and the 'Boot room boys' ! great to hear from you again. I had lost your contact details.Please be kind enough to contact me via email at 7@llpa.co.uk
    Would be great to meet up as previously planned.
    Best Wishes