Saturday  8th December 2012
Gresley v Carlton Town

NPL Division One South
Gate: £7
Atten: 254
Ground: Thankfully i came to the Moat Ground before the club's proposed move to a new ground in Bridge Street. For the neutral this is a cracking little ground and well worth the visit. It is clearly evident how proud and loyal the locals are of 'their' club and quite rightly so. I really liked the way the ground is "shoe horned" in the back streets of the village, which only adds to its charm. The Queen Street side of the ground has a wonderful rickety yet charming stand straddling most of the whole length of the subtle slope of one half of the pitch. 8/10

Match Enjoyment:
 To be honest at times it was not the best game and in truth i was disappointed with Gresley's performance as for some reason, not sure why, but i was expecting more. Carlton Town were the better 'team' and fully deserved the win. Gresley in the second half could only resort to long range shots which if anything kept the ballboys busier than the Carlton goalie. 6/10

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