Conference Premier
Hyde 2 Nuneaton 2
Atten 447
Gate £14
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Ground Enjoyment 9/10 

Ewen Fields has played a significant part, not only in the history of Hyde United, founded in 1919; but also in that of a much older club – simply Hyde FC – founded in 1885, and perhaps best remembered for a 26-0 thrashing at the hands of Preston North End in a FA Cup tie at Deepdale two years later, still a record score for a competitive match in England. By this time the club was playing on a field close to the Bankfield Hotel, which may well have been where Ewen Fields is today.

The team's kit  featured red shirts and white shorts for most of the club's history, but there was a change to white shirt and navy blue shorts for the 2010–11 season, in dedication to Man City, who saved the club from bankruptcy through investment in the stadium and squad. Far different from the Black shirts and white shirts they originally worse in the 1919-20 season. In 2010, the club announced that Hyde United F.C. would change its name to Hyde FC for obvious reasons.The only bit of red i saw in the ground yesterday was a red table by the tea hut.

The Ewen Fields is still a gem of a non league ground despite which colour it is painted. Well maintained and well run by a dedicated team behind the scenes, all of whom are very welcoming and friendly. I really liked the place and has to rank high up on recent favourite visits.
The famous Shed End at Hyde - notice the back streets of East Manchester behind

Match Enjoyment 8/10
Both teams contributed to an enjoyable game despite the strong winds. Nuneaton started strongly and took an early lead. However they failed to capitalise on their domination. The Tigers roared back and equalised. However i missed the goal as i was to pre occupied on find my lost favourite blue cap. I did not realise that it was not on my head ! 

The second half was exciting and end to end. Hyde missed numerous chances to seal their first win of the season. Both sets of fans were now in full voice and the atmosphere was more than decent.
Then as added on time was displayed a slick move by the Tigers led to goal machine Spencer smacking one into the top corner to make it 2-1. Tiger fans were in dreamland and were still celebrating and taunting the Nunny fans when straight from the re-start Nuneaton scored to break the hearts of Hyde. It was a silly goal to concede really. I could not tell what colour their faces turned as the ball hit the back of the net , it could have been red or more likely nowdays a shade of blue !

Overall Enjoyment 9/10
A smashing day all round. Great ground , Warm Welcome, decent game with a pulsating finale.
I have only knocked a point off due to the bad weather driving to the ground which made me lose time.
It goes without saying that a visit to The Ewen Fields comes with my warmest recommendation and especially if you feel you need some Tiger love !

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