Northern Premier League South Division
Goole AFC 0 
Leek Town 3

Atten 112
Gate £7

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Despite the non stop rain, an enjoyable day was spent in East Yorkshire at Goole. The league leaders Leek Town were in town for today's game . It was so dark that the floodlights came on during the warm up. I try to avoid grounds with a running track but decided today was an exception. To be honest i hardly noticed it during the game. On one side of the ground it has 6 lanes but on the other only 4 !Crazy .... must be mayhem for a 400 metre Relay race, when the teams in Lanes 5 and 6 need to hand over the baton !

Leek arrived on a luxury Coach and it was the last time they needed to park the bus as they were always in control of the game even after missing a few sitters before scoring. Goole nicknamed 'The Vikings' hardly invaded the visitors goal. The visitor's defense had no 'leeks' (if you will pardon the punBlush) and was strong with few mistakes. The final score was 3-0 but it could quite easily been a couple more. Fair play to Goole they never gave up and you have to feel that some of the players are playing above their level. So short of players the 43yr old assistant manager put his boots on.

The famous Goole Steak Pie lived up to its reputation. Simply delicious, juicy chunky pieces of steak in a tasty rich gravy and topped with excellent home made pastry.
It thought the Glossop pies were good but this one was just that bit better.

The Goole Staff were excellent and could not be more friendly. Everybody was good fun and had a smile on their face - a pleasure to spend the afternoon with, despite the rain.

It goes with out saying that a trip to Goole is highly recommended for any football enthusiast ..... but make sure that you leave enough space for some of that delicious Goole Pie !!!

Ground 7/10 Weather 2/10 Match Enjoyment 6/10

Goole Staff 10/10 Goole Pie 10/10

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