Sutton Utd

12th January 2013
Sutton Utd 0 v Wrexham 5

FA Trophy 3rd Round
Gate: £12
Atten: 755
Food Drink: Hot Dog £2.20 Coffee £1

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It was an eventful start to the day as Princess  was in a particularly playful mood as it was her birthday and her presents had to be good ones. Linda was in a stubborn mood as the weather was very poor and the preferred to stay in the warmth of her garage. After some persuasion Linda finally accepted that we were going to a match what ever the weather. Little did i know Linda got her own back when the post code i had pumped into my little darling led me a mile away from the ground at least. The little brown sign was not the easiest to find, much to Linda's amusement.

Sutton's claim to fame in recent times was their famous FA Cup 3rd Round victory in 1989 which attracted a bumper crowd of around 8000. I can still remember watching that game on tv and noticing the pack terraces.Although the biggest crowd ever was  14,000 Vs. Leeds United, FA Cup 4th Round, 24th January 1970.I suppose those numbers will never be reached again with todays health and safety mentality. A casing point , as todays game was in serious doubt until 13.50pm. The culprit being and area of the pitch which had been sanded due to an overflow from a waterspring and had become a little boggy. The rest of the pitch looked excellent. After nearly an hour after the Wrexham management had arrived was the game called on. Both clubs wanted the game to be played and finally their wish was granted. Fortunately a possible jobsworth ref was persuaded otherwise. To be fair the ref did have a very good performance when the match was played.
I was determined to get a pic of the inside even if it was called off !
Ground: 7/10
A unique ground in someways due to its shape and size and openess.The running track is now long gone but its earlier presence is still quite evident by the curvature of the perimeter fence, which remains set back a little way from the playing area. The ground is dominated by the large grandstand which when opened in 1953 at a cost of £3,000 in time for the Coronation, seated just over 1,000 spectators. It could be fair to say that some of the facilities need updating, such as a small lounge/bar to congregate before kick off and at half-time over the far side as the tea hut took a battering. Maybe for league games this is never a problem. The Club shop is excellent and is manned by some very helpful, enthusoastic volunteers. I was given a very nice welcome by the Chairman, Mr Elliot who's passion for the club was written all over his face. I loved the main stand, it reminded of my Gran , seen better days yet still had warmth and a feeling of love once within its company.
Club Shop
Match Enjoyment: 6/10
Apart from a 15 minute spell midway through the first half , Wrexham were always in control.
Their first goal was a little fortunate but then they took over and 13 minutes later were 4 goals up.
The game was over as a contest by half time as the Dragon's fire  had extinguished anything Sutton could muster. There were no 'leeks' in these Welsh boys and they made Sutton look like Mutton and very sheepish. They gave them a clinic in finishing.


  1. Great photo of the club shop OB.

    Understandably, not my favourite ground "Gangrene Lane"

  2. Thanks Richie for your kind comment.
    I am sure there is a story behind your naming of 'Gangrene lane'? you must tell me one day !

  3. What a small world. I was chatting to a friend in work about this match and in particular the interesting gent I was speaking to before kickoff (you). I was saying how I had met a man who is traveling round non-league grounds. Without further a do, he pointed me to this blog and said is this the guy you are talking about!!!!
    I was the Wrexham fan with his son, living in Reading.
    ps Hope your daughter had a good birthday !

  4. Thank you very much for your kind comments. It was a pleasure to meet you and i hope your son had a wonderful experience.I hope he realises that Wrexham do not score five goals in every game ! My best wishes to you both and hopefully our paths will cross again.At least Sutton's beverage prices were less than Raffles !!