Linlithgow Rose

Scottish Junior Cup 4th Round

Linlithgow Rose 4 
Blantrye Victoria 0 
atten ca350
Pies £1.25p (delicious, best of season) 

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After an easy train journey up , arrived in Scotland to find Edinburgh in thick fog. Linlithgow itself lies halfway to Falkirk in West Lothian.
It seems like it would be a busy place in summer with visitors and Linithgow Palace birthplace of Mar Queen of Scots being the highlight.
It is fantastic
ancient architecture and is well worth a visit. 

Linlithgow Rose are one of the largest and best supported clubs in the juniors and won the Junior Cup three times between 2002-2010. Between the wars Linlithgow Rose played at Mains Park in the town; they have played at Prestonfield since 1949. They have a string of honours in the league and regional cups and have steadily built upon their success, developing a ground that is not only the envy of nearly every other club in the Juniors but some in the Scottish League, too.
The ground is immaculately maintained, dominated by a smart seated stand built above the original pavilion in 2001 along one side and with a neat, covered terrace along the opposite side. Under here is located a marvellous tea bar which purveys steak pies, bridies and the most satisfying lentil soup among other delicacies. The social club dominates the end nearest the town, its white-painted exterior walls. The other end is a grassed bank where local youngsters carried on a never-ending game of football throughout the afternoon. 

The Scottish Junior Cup has been held every year since its inception in 1896 and is an unseeded knockout competition. The final is always held at an SPL club.
The game itself was played out on a bright yet foggy and very chilly afternoon. The first half was mundane with few clear cut chances. But in the second half Rose dominated and ran out easy winners.

Long journey back to base which was only made worse by a train full of Newcastle & Rotherham supporters making plenty of unnecessary noise.
But it was still an enjoyable day and was well worth the effort. 

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