Lincoln United

Northern Premier League
South Division 

Lincoln United 1 

Goole AFC 0
Gate: £7
Atten: 92 

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Ground & Match Enjoyment 9/10
The magnificent Lincoln Cathedral
My day started with a wander around Lincoln culminating with a visit to the magnificent Cathedral. However in order to reach the Cathedral i was unaware that one needed the aerobic capacity of a Nepalese Sherpa, so steep was the climb. 

What a cracking little ground Ashby Avenue is. To be honest i would never have come here, but after reading Sussexhopper's report after a recent visit it became firmly under my radar.All four sides have cover with a somewhat eclectic mix of structures. Surrounded by high trees behind the Cricket Club the setting is most pleasant. A very decent and well run tea hut and a super Club Shop with some great bargains. I purchased a Club Coffee Mug for £1. 

The game was settled by a second half penalty, no more than Lincoln had deserved. Especially after missing at least five chances in the first half. Lincoln can also claim to have a very strong candidate for "Miss of the Season". When after rounding the goalie , and with an open goal he only had to roll it over the line from 6 yards out. However instead he chose to smash it as hard as he could, only for it to hit the post and go out of play for a throw in. 

On the final whistle the home bench celebrated and then when leaving the pitch a home player slapped a Goole player around the back of his head. Then it was like the WWE Royal Rumble for a few minutes before both teams were separated into their respective dressing rooms only for Lincoln to celebrate even louder in some ways to rub more salt in Goole's wounds. This only ignited another free for all. 

However the highlight of the visit for me was the welcome given by every member of Staff at Lincoln United. Each to a man (and Woman) they were superb and could not do enough for the Visitor. I have already installed them as 6/4 favourites for The 2013/4 Onion bag Awards "Most friendly Welcome" catagory. I can not praise them high enough.

It was simply a superb day, and one that i will long remember.

Day Enjoyment: 10/10 

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