Ipswich Wanderers

09th March 2013
Eastern Counties League Division One
Ipswich Wanderers 3 
Saffron Walden Town 0

Gate: £5 (superb value)
Atten: 57

Ground: What a cracking ground, one of the best i have visited for a long time. Beautifully ramshackle, quirky, nothing was straight, well maintained, very friendly welcome, all set in a lovely rural part of Suffolk just a few miles from Ipswich centre. A very pleasant and modern lounge bar only added to the homely feel this little jewel of a ground presented to the visitor.The standard of football was very good and entertaining and the pitch was in superb condition, especially as they had just endured 24 hours of rain. I would very highly recommend a Wander down Humber Doucy Lane to see the Wanderers, as it is simply outstanding. 10/10

Match Enjoyment: From start to finish i really enjoyed this match. There was no diving etc , no arguing, no swearing etc it was played in a great spirit. Both teams were very respectful to the match officials. Wanderers opening goal was a bit bizarre. Basically it was just a hopeful cross from the right wing which went over everyone into the far corner. Like everyone else in the ground i was shocked to see that a goal had been scored until my brain had worked it out ! The rest of the game was competitive and Ipswich ran out very worthy winners. 8/10


A certain section of the home support thought one of the away players looked like Prince Harry, this lead to a non stop second half banter aimed at the Saffron Walden player , all taken in good spirits. I personally could not see the resemblance.
Ipswich Wanderers in fact started life as Loadwell Ipswich FC and in 1988 changed the name and there for Ipswich Wanderers was born. In the same year they became founder members of Division One of the   Eastern Counties Football league.

The day started due to the non stop rain in an uncertain way. many of the games nearby had been called off. But i persevered with hoping this game would go ahead, and i am so glad i did, because its a cracking ground, very friendly people in  a beautiful location, and they play decent, entertaining football. All this enjoyment for a fiver ! - what more could i want ?


  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Doucy. Yes it's ramshackle but it stands as testament to what can achieved with scaffold poles and tin sheet, a sort of football favela. Someone goes round regularly with a spanner straightening out the framework - true story!

    As for Prince Harry he actually looked more like Sherman 'the Sherminator' from American Pie, however the more we wound him up the better he played, he was everywhere on that pitch.

    Now how about that video of the third goal?

    1. Adrian, Thanks for your message, It was fun with you yesterday !
      I have put up the Video, but be warned there are some 'dodgy' fans making fun of the goalie !