Halesowen Town

23rd February 2013

Northern Premier League South Division
Halesowen Town 3 v Loughborough  0
Gate: £8
Atten: 201

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Ground: According to the club's records Halesowen have played at The Grove ever since their formation in 1873. The ground was originally a cricket pitch. Today the ground has a very positive vibe with the feeling of better things to come on the pitch.Set within the environs of residential property The Grove has a certain charm about it. Two sides have covering, the most quirky being behind the goal. The two other sides are steep bank open terracing. A well stocked club shop and well run 'Yeltz Cafe' make this a most pleasant venue.7/10
Panoramic View of The Grove
Match Enjoyment: The 'Yeltz' came flying out of the blocks and were all over Loughborough. Dynamo offered nothing where as Halesowen offered a lot, they looked like scoring with every attack, especially in the first half. The number 10 (Haseley) is a goal machine at this level. His brace today made it 15 goals in the last ten matches and 39 in last 30 odd games. He could of had at least five yesterday. 'Lough' were all all huff and puff and looked 'rough and fluff' and were simply not good 'enough'. On this performance Halesowen should make the play-offs at the very least and who knows what can happen then ? 8/10

My day started very early because i was taking advantage of decent train offer. Linda had the weekend off for only the second time in years. I prefer to use the car as it gives greater flexibility and independence.
As i climbed aboard the 09.43 all was going to plan and very peacefully. That was until the people in the seats behind me arrived, a wannabe younger mum and three teenage girls. One girl in particular was loud, very loud and the only time she stopped talking between London and Birmingham was to take breath.They were obviously off to some concert in Birmingham as all they screamed over each other in their attempt to be the loudest was about either Justin Beiber, Olly Murs, and many others whom i have never heard of. "I love Olly sooooo much i wanna marry 'im" "I want Justin" yelled another so the whole carriage could here. After one hour of this drivel i decided to turn around in order to guess the age of the girl who's voice was piercing my ear lobe. If i was going on the scale of a year of age equals one stone in weight then i would of guessed 19 or 20 ! but no she turned out not to be even sixteen, as she said she wanted to go to New York for her sweet sixteen, to see Justin as they were really best mates ........ on facebook !!!

World's tallest pepper mill ?

I arrived in Birmingham suffering from Tinnitus, such was the noise that gaggle had produced. I went for the pre match meal in a lovely Victorian Cafe for my usual Full English, which was delicious. I asked the server for a pepper mill .... She produced the largest, tallest and heaviest one ever witnessed by man.

The Brummie accent is not the finest example of English vernacular, but for one day only it was worth the sacrifice. I always remember the Comedian Jasper Carrot when i think of Birmingham and in parictular his sketch "the nutter on the bus" ... well guess what he came on my bus, plonked his derriere in front of me with his bus ticket on his tongue and then stuck it right in front of my nose on the window of the bus, whilst muttering in an inaudible Brummie twang !
Very classy indeed !.

Upon arrival at the ground i was made most welcome by all the staff and in particular Paul who does a great job keeping the clubs website up to date ( link above). I was most grateful for his hospitality. His enthusiasm for the Yeltz was most apparent and he could not be faulted in any way, except for how he responded to my feeble attempt at  humour. On the big screen in the boardroom the six nations rugby was showing .. Italy v Wales and the score read ...   ITA 0 WAL 9 ..... and in the knowledge that Walsall were just down the road and were very big rivals said .. "Look Walsall are beating Italy 9-0 !!"  His look and smile said it all, as simply ... no words were needed !


  1. We're not Brummies in Halesowen! Great write up though! :)

  2. hehe :-) Thanks a lot. My visit to The Yeltz was one of my favourites last season, great ground.