Welling United

Saturday 26th February - Conference South
Welling United 1 v Weston-Super-Mare 0
Gate : £11

Atten: 470
Ground: A ground mixed with old and new. The old stand was quirky
Food: Coffee 60p & Crunchie 50p
Match Enjoyment:An enjoyable game played at a decent pace , not too many clear cut chances 5/10

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It turned to be a funny old day from start to finish as i ended up at my 7th choice game Plan G the next plan was Plan H and that means Home !. My original choice was a trip to the Chasetown v Mansfield Trophy Quarter Final a ground and game is was really looking forward to. But due to the kindness from an individual from Chasetown they called me early to inform me that the game will be called off and not to travel. A really grand gesture that which will lead me to spending an extra 50p in the club shop when i do finally get there !.

Even on the M25 i was still not sure which game Linda was taking me to as on the result of frantic phone calls games were being called off every few minutes.All games were called off due to waterlogged pitches but despite me messing Linda around badly numerous times that morning , she never complained.Despite  the pouring rain and quick phone call confirmed it was game on at Park View Road - Home of Welling United FC.
Welling's history is an interesting one and can be found  here

The ground is very easy to find and i parked up without any problems and headed off for a well earned breakfast in the pouring rain. It was fortunate a cafe was not too far away so despite getting soaked everything was ok now. I ordered my Breakfast Special Number 3 and asked the server if usage of a toilet was available. As she eyed me up and down noticing how wet i was , she replied with a chuckle "you can also have a bath up there" ... i was still trying to workout her answer as i went upstairs to the flat above and then my answer was given immediately i opened the door and saw the bathroom ..... It was then i decided to decline her "kind" invertation.

The bathing opportunity i was offered , but reluctantly declined !
After polishing off my Special #3 with ease i made my way to the ground. Even after paying my entrance fee i learned that the game was still in doubt , there was no way i could return to the car to tell Linda , in order to seek another destination, so i would know for sure when the ref finally arrives but on hearing the groundsman's view it was touch and go still.

Welling actually share the ground with Erith & Belverdere who play in the Kent League and the two stands are a case of old (Welling) and new (Erith) but it seems to work well. The old stand was a quirky one with little hidden passages and tunnels everywhere. I did take the wrong passage on more than one occasion and ended up in the Presidents Suite by mistake.

The game finally got the go ahead and deservedly so after all the work put in that morning from the ground staff.  The first half was a very even affair played at a decent lick without many clear cut chances.
When you dont need a bus - 3 come along at once !
 One of the quirky features about the ground is that throughout the game double decker busses passed on the adjacent high street giving the passengers on the top deck and excellent view of the game , albiet very brief.

It reminded me of the old sit com On the Buses with Blakey and his "i 'ate you Butler" catchphrase. I believe was based not too far away in either South-east or East London

The second half was better with both teams going for it again with little openings but The Wings were flying now and they scored a decent goal from a headed corner.  But i must point out the loyalty of some fans for a team they follow as i counted the army of away supporters ....... 3 ! At the final whistle as the Weston players applauded their "traveling army" they had actually out numbered them !!
But was the performance from their team worthy of such support ? , not really as Weston produced nothing and were more Mare than Super !
But on the whole i had an enjoyable day despite the weather my trip to Park View Road was interesting in more ways than one and one that i shall remember.

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