Dartford FC

Saturday 14th August - Conf South

Dartford  2 v Havant & Waterlooville 2
Attendance:  1302  
Admission: £12
Ground: 8/10 Excellent ground, clearly preparing for higher leagues. Very Clean and well Organised
Conditions: 8/10 Fine but  also overcast with sporadic  spots of rain throughout the afternoon  
Food/Drink:Steak & Kidney Pie £2.50 delicious pastry/ filling Excellent strong Coffee £1 Choc 60p

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When the fixtures were released for some reason this fixture caught my eye. The reason being that both teams are expected to be in with a promotion shout this season, so a decent game was expected. I was looking forward to going.
Princes Park - home of Dartford FC
The ground itself is very modern being only three years old. Nevertheless it was very impressive. Three stands were only standing with limited seating in the main stand, limited mainly because of the restaurant and conference facilities. I must say its the cleanest ground i have visited for many years.
Teams Warming Up Pre Match
Despite the sporadic rain you could smell the optimism in the ground as it was there first ever game at this level and also because of the quality of the team.
The match started and The Darts were the better team for 25 mins missing at least 4 good chances. Great build up play and excellent defense gave them a fully deserved lead. Just before half time Havant got a stroke of luck by the way of a hand ball by a funny bounce. H-T 1-1

Great header from free kick make it 1-0 Dartford

One of the down side of the day was being unable to get some chips to go with the pie , hot food was limited in only parts of the ground. having said that the Steak & Kidney Pie was delicious.
 Excellent strong coffee made the lack of chips irrelevant.

Second half was dominated by Havant but due to the strong Darts defense no real chances came until a bit of magic from No 14 who curled a beauty into the top corner of the Onion Bag , 1-2 with only 2 mins left.
That was harsh on the home team and in the 96th minute got a deserved penalty and duly obliged as the rain poured down. Full Time 2-2 both teams were excellent and it made it an exciting conclusion to a great day and at great modern little ground, which is well worth a visit.

96th min penalty to make it 2-2

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