Oxenhope Recreation

West Yorkshire League 
Div 2 
Oxenhope Recreation 6 Altofts 1
atten 20 
No admission charged

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Located in West Yorkshire's Bronte Country lies the scenic village of Oxenhope, where my arrival was welcomed with a twenty vechicle taffic jam started by a bus driver of sub-continent persuasion and some daft twat right up my backside refusing to reverse a few feet all finished off with some dosey cow ramming my car. Needless to say first impressions were not favourable but shortly after upon my arrival at the football club everything changed. 

The views are just fantastic and the location is hard to beat. 

The Clubhouse hosts both the changing facilities , committee room/tea hut. Also lots of fantastic club memorabilia on display.

There are two pitches on site with the first being called 'The Slope' where one of the corner flags are situated within a few feet of someone's lounge window. The pitch has a slope which needs to be seen to be believed. From top to bottom the difference must be at least 40-50 feet. The main pitch is lower down the hill and is enclosed with barriers and drystone walling.

Like most matches in this league it was enjoyable and competative with plenty of goals. Special mention for the Oxenhope Secretary who was very welcoming and made a special effort to chat and even thanked us for visiting.

A visit to Oxenhope Recreation comes highly recommended

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