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The NPL is one of my favourite leagues & full of wonderful people and has plenty of cracking grounds.A trip to Rammy is right up there with the best of them.
Lucky for me i arrived at the perfect moment as the East Lancs Steam Railway Train was in the station and letting of plenty of noise & steam. What a sight it was !.The Ramsbottom station is like a throwback to the 1940's , it looked fantastic. 

Adjoining the football club is the impressive Ramsbottom Cricket Club , formed in 1845.The pavillion architecture is a work of art.
A typical Lancastrian welcome by the Ramsbottom officals was received followed by a trip to the tea hut for pie & peas which was already throbbing with South Shields fans .... and plenty of them !.To be honest the pitch didnt look great and was heavy underfoot, but both teams did their best. Shields look a solid outfit and they look shoo-ins for promotion.But Rammy fought well , never gave up and very nearly nicked a point. But in truth you always felt Shields had them at arms length.

Special mention for the invasion of Geordies from South Shields as they really do bring a great atmosphere to the occasion. They are fanatical about their football , and even more fanatical about their team. Its more of a religion for them i think. As i sat in the tea hut i could over hear three South Shields fans discussing what team they think will play today's game, and which formation they will adopt. Moments later the condiments was being moved around the table to replicate their hoped team formation. It was great to see that, as for a moment it was like being back in the good old days.

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