South Yorkshire Amateur League
Grimethorpe 8 

Horse & Groom 0
Atten 25 

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I think i have finally reached the bottom of the football pyramid barrel. I remember someone saying to me sometime ago that the lower we go down the football pyramid the more enjoyable our hobby becomes. But i am not sure he meant this low !. This was an unexpected 'tick' yet somehow most enjoyable. NL footy does not get more gritty than at Grimethorpe. 

Grimethorpe has had two senior football clubs – Grimethorpe Athletic, who played in the FA Cup from 1904 to 1953, and Grimethorpe Miners Welfare, who competed in the FA Vase. Not long after the Miners strike which gripped the nation they played a team from Nottinghamshire who were also a Miners Welfare team. Sadly the place became like a battlefield as around 200 of the finest local recidivsts ran down the banking and charged the visitors. Imagine Michael Cane in Zulu and you will get the picture. A heavy police presence was required as they 'ring fenced' the visitors dressing room until peace was restored. One of the reasons for the attack was different beliefs regarding a certain lady's behaviour. Her name was Margaret Thatcher.

Grimethorpe is known for its brass band, the Grimethorpe Colliery Band, and was used as the location for the film Brassed Off – a black comedy which tells the plight of the village and the effect on its band. The band today plays world wide and tickets are much in demand.For the band members the itinery is just like they breed them round here ...... tough ! 

Today the new Grimethorpe team called all the tunes with a 8 goal thrashing of the Sheffield based team. They could even be forgiven for blowing their own trumpets (if you will pardon the pun) . 


  1. That ground looks a beauty, right up my street. Top man.

    1. Cheers Sticky :) Must admit the ground was better than i expected. Especially will the decent views. The place has history and is as gritty as you can get. Enjoyable 'tick'.