Hade Edge

Huddersfield & District League 
Division 3
Hade Edge 0 Marsden 0
Atten 14 h/c

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 The earliest records show that Hade Edge had a team in the Holmfirth & District League in the 1909/10 season. Today they have reached the 'dizzy heights of the 3rd tier of the Huddersfield District League. They have an excellent brand new clubhouse after obtaining a grant from Sport England.
No furniture except dugouts but superb views over the West Yorkshire Countryside. Worth the journey alone if only to stock up on meats at the outstanding quality butcher in the village.

Classic Clubhouse
 The game had few chances and this was my first 'bagel' for over a year. It seems i got the short straw tonight as far as goals were concerned as every other match in the league had 5 goals or more. I blame the big Marsden centre forward ! He was proudly wearing his brand new 'super duper' bright green boots , much to the amusement of his teamates. If i was him, i would return the boots to the shop. Every time he attempted a shot on goal it came off his boots like a "sherriff's badge" or the ball went twenty feet high and wide.

 Some may call this 'extreme' groundhopping. I would agree ! and i look forward to see what Division 4 has to offer in this league as this was very enjoyable in a weird way.  I was asked by the Hade Edge Manager/Goalie why i had decided to come and visit their Club as this is an extreme level of hopping to say the least. My answer was "why not" ?

Pre-Match Warm Up -  " a quick can"

Extreme Non League  - Pump up your own balls !

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