Atherton Collieries

North West Counties - Division 2
Atherton Collieries 2 Holker OB 3
Atten: 30 ish + 4 Cannines

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Match & Ground Enjoyment - 8/10

 Very entertaining game with the form book turned upside down. Holker fully deserved their win and the only complaint the Colls can have is that at 0-1 the ball was clearly over the line ( was standing literally less than ten feet away) but the ref waved 'play on' and the lino was miles away. If a single Colls player had claimed the goal he may of given it, but to my suprise not a single player made any gestures.
When Colls did equalise on the hour they began to take control and looked the likely winner. But to the suprise of the few who were in attendence Holker counter punched with two well worked goals. But Colls kept coming back and grabbed another , to set up an exciting finale.

Alder Street is a gritty Northern Ground and full of ramshackleness. Nothing seemed to be straight and the stands all seemed to be propped up by something. But it all added to the charm.Decent club house and tea hut all adding to a most enjoyable day out in Greater Manchester what's not to like ?

Atherton Collieries was formed in 1916 by a group of miners from the six pits which were then operative within the old urban district of Atherton as a means of providing welfare for those at home involved in the war effort. When the pits were nationalised the football club was given to the people of the town. They went on to win the Bolton Combination League ten times.
Many players have passed through their gates and progressed in to higher leagues , even the Premier League. Atherton Collieries' ground, Alder Street, is as old as the club. It has seen a number of changes over the years, but today you will find it frayed at the edges but still loved by its faithful followers.

Football in the North West Counties League rarely disappoints and today was no different as it was great entertainment. A visit to Alder Street comes highly recommended and is a must for any so called football enthusiast.


  1. Jerry

    "Ramshackleness": good word. Know exactly what you mean - and the ground certainly seems to have it. I was also endulging in some NWCL action on Sat - at highly recommended Nelson. Report and pics t/c on my blog.


  2. Cheers Paul, It is a nice word isn't it ? not sure if it is grammatically correct though. Nelson has been on my list for a while. I nearly went there a few seasons ago but took a different exit off the roundabout and went to Rossendale instead (glad i did !). I look forward to reading your report from there. Matches in the NWCL rarely disappoint and Saturday at "Colls" was no different.