Onion Bag's Photo of the Year Award 2012-13

Onion Bag's Photo of the Year Award 2012-13

Here are some of my favourite photos i have taken this season. When taking photos i tend to take a more stealthy approach, and few action shots.
Which do you think is the best one ?

#1 at Petersfield Town 
"Any  view will do"
I caught this chap looking over the fence and could not resist the snap

# 2  at Welton Rovers
"Straight Lines"
For some reason i like this picture, i think it's because of the clean cut straight lines

#3 at Ossett Albion
 "Hang in there"


#4 at Ossett Albion
 "Keeping Count"
To get this photo i had to stick my arms through a hole in the wall. It turned out much better than expected to my suprise.


 #5 at Brimscombe & Thrupp
"90 mins from glory"
i love the vibrant colours and the angle i took it from in this photo

 #6 at Melksham Town
"Scoreboard Guy"

 #7 at Stamford


#8 at  Brimscombe & Thrupp
"Hands up if you think you've scored"

 #9 at Richmond Mavericks
"Worm's eye view"


 #10 at North Ferriby
"Golden Goal"

#11 at Bury Town
"come  inside"

#12 at Sutton United
"Sneaky look"


#13 Ossett Albion
'Selection Problems'
quite a few people have said how much they like this photo as it presents a different side to normal match day photography

#14 Marsden

#15 Petersfield Town
'With Sober Judgement'

in order of preferance THANK YOU 

it has been a hard choice to select these. If you have enjoyed them, please view my photo site.


  1. 1st #5
    2nd #8
    3rd #6
    I can think of a few excellent photos not on this list OB. (No IWFC?)

  2. Richie,
    Many thanks for your votes. You are correct i do have some crackers from IWFC. I dont know how i overlooked them. The problem i had was i cant put my top 50 up as would take ages.
    BTW you made some great choices :)

  3. 1st No. 1
    2nd No. 13
    3rd No. 6

    Some good pics OB.


  4. Thanks Mr Reynard , i can not disagree with your choices but make sure you keep your sweaty paws of the fig rolls in pic #13


  5. Here are the results of the Row Z panel. In order.....3, 5, 8

    Some great pics. Particularly impressive as taking photographs of football grounds is never easy.

    1. I really appreciate the feedback and kind comments from the Row Z Panel, i am just relieved you did not award me 'nil points' !. By the way i hope you continue with your excellent blog next season.

  6. Lovely stuff. Here's my top three:

    1st - #9
    2nd - #1
    3rd - #6

    For the record I was sent this way by @BeatTheFirstMan. I know...

  7. Thanks Danny for taking the time to vote, much appreciated.
    thanks for the heads up of @beatTheFirstMan as thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Your #1 choice 'worm's eye view' is also one of my favourites. I took it almost by accident as i was laying on the grass, relaxing in the sun and noticed the flower right in front of my eyes , hence the photo with the game going on in the background which gives it great depth of field.

  8. 1st 5
    2nd 3
    3rd 14

    Some great photo's there!

  9. Paul, thank you very much for taking the time to vote - most grateful. Interesting that you picked #14 'unloved' from Marsden. What particually did you like about it? I also love pic 5 , for this one, i was just in the right place at the right time.

  10. 6,2,10 for me! Must get to Melksham before it goes...

  11. Andrew, thanks for your vote. Melksham is a must visit, and if i were you i would make it a priority for next season. It is a beautifully ramshackle.