Radcliffe Borough

Northern Premier League - Division North
Radcliffe Borough 0 

Lancaster City 3
atten 186 

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Fantastic day spent with the very friendly folks at Radcliffe Borough. The welcome from the Radcliffe Chairman was a warm as the spring sunshine. Interesting chap who is full of great enthusiasm in moving the club forward. Being a local lad his enthusiasm is infectious and good luck to him.
Great vibe around the ground with lots of families and youngsters.

League leaders the Dolly Blues were in town and in truth they gave Radcliffe a good run around and the result was never in doubt. But to be fair to Radcliffe they tried to play the game the right way but due to some inexperience and a bobble here and there, they came unstuck as the Dolly's didn't dilly dally !

Champagne job for yours truly to complete the Northern Premier League ! 

Railway FC

Hope Valley League - Division 'A'
Railway FC 3 Youlgrave United 2
atten 12

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The village of Peak Dale is located a couple of miles north of Buxton, between two limestone quarries. The village used to house quarry workers and their families. The sight of the pitch and the quarries in the distance whilst descending into the village is a sight to behold. The Hope Valley never disappoints in that department. 

The Railway FC manager aka 'Porky pig' should really be known as the local 'Roman Abramovich' as not so long a go the club were on their knees after the old management left with a few thousand pounds worth of debts. Porky didnt want the club to die to he paid the debt himself which means they are still around today.Having spent most of his life in the area he said he just had to do something.
I had a great chat with Porky and he asked “ have you visited FC Trunk yet ?” …. “well, we beat them 9-0 and we are shit !” 

The game itself was enjoyable with both teams giving it their best shot. The ref did fine and the game flowed accordingly. As always in this league the goals were not in short supply.That makes the six matches I have seen in this league this season has produced 35 goals, I am certainly not complaining.
The scenery was as usual eye catching and another enjoyable afternoon was had in a league that never disappoints.